Upper Blue Lake, in Lake County, California

Blue Lake at Dusk

Fishers will find lots of trout, some catfish, bass and perch in Blue Lake.  In summer, the water is a cool 65 degrees, perfect for swimming on a hot day.

The lake is believed to be fed by an underground stream.  The water level never drops all year, in spite of our clear, sunny summers. During the cooler season, it occasionally rises a few feet when we get heavy rains, but never for long because of a constant creek leading away from the lake.

It is about a mile long and over a hundred feet deep in some places (divers have never made it to the bottom).  Some say the steep slopes in the deepest area may have been formed by a volcano ages ago.

Sorry, you wont find any noisy, high-powered ski boats on this lake, per local ordinance.  But if you do have a power boat and feel the need for speed, that's no problem, either.  Lakeview Haven is a short 20 minute drive in either direction from two of Northern California's larger recreational lakes, with lots of public beach access.  To the Northwest is Lake Mendocino.  To the southeast is Clear Lake.

Here on Blue Lake, there are a three other small campgrounds, all privately owned.  Most close down during the off season.