Recreation and Other Activities near

Lakeview Haven RV Park

Whether you are just visiting to get away from the city and soak up some of mother natures finest, or if you will be settling in for a few seasons -- we hope you will -- you might need to get out and stretch your legs once in a while.  No matter which direction you go, there are plenty of great activities nearby, most within a short drive from Lakeview Haven RV Park.

In Blue Lakes

Across the street is a lodge with classy restaurant and a lounge (with a big-screen TV for the sports fan) and a convenience store with a video rentals, foods, drinks, etc. Rent your boat in the neighborhood.

Other Lakes

Maybe you'd like to go water-skiing, or rent a jet ski.  Lake Mendocino is not far away, northwest 20 minutes.  They allow bigger ski boats, jet skis, et al.  There are three campgrounds on that lake operated by Reserve America. These campgrounds don't have any hookups (no, not even water), are open about 8 months out of the year, and have only daily rates with a 14 day maximum stay.

Lake Pillsbury also has great fishing and boating.

Traveling 15 to 20 minutes southeast is a much bigger lake, Clear Lake.  This lake is not as clean as Blue Lake and it has a busier feel being surrounded by small communities. Here in Blue Lake,  we are part of the Mendocino National Forest area.

Other nearby activities

North and west are the redwoods of the California North Coast.

Try your luck at the gambling casinos around Clear Lake.  One of the larger Casino's offers up some outdoor concerts with big name entertainers and great reasonably priced food. There is also a casino with good food and gambling at highway 101 and Highway 20, about 18 minutes from Lakeview Haven RV Park.

For a romantic day trip, head out to Northern California's world-famous Wine Country.

There's lots of other great things to rent, see, and do in the area.  Museums, outdoor theater, gift shops, etc.  Ready to go shopping?  Going to the movies?  Maybe dinner and dancing?  Or just some supplies and a quick bite?  Check out some of these Nearby Towns, like Upper Lake, Ukiah, or Lakeport.  Want to taste a world class wine and see the vines it came from?  Head out to the nearby Wine Country.